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Let me tell you a story...

In the beginning, the only way you could reach a moving company was to look in the Yellow Pages, a system that provided plenty of work for lots of movers during the 10 week busy summer season, and at month-end the other ten months of the year. The moving business has always been seasonal and spotty - seasonal because the majority of families prefer to move during the summer when children are out of school; spotty because from September to May, most of the moves take place during the last three or four days of the month. The reason for this is first-time home buyers coming out of rental units with leases which expire at the end of a month. This drives the timing throughout the real estate market and causes the traditional month-end busy time.

The consequence of these two issues (summer and month-end clustering) is that it is hard for moving companies to maintain long-term staff. It has been very common for companies to hire students in the summer and temps in the winter. This is good for keeping the company's cost down, but not great for the customer - inexperienced, irregular staff tend to take longer and break more stuff.

Everyone seems to have heard terrible stories of moves gone bad. TV shows like Marketplace and 60 Minutes, and the newspapers do regular coverage of the deficiencies in the moving business. Almost everyone has a friend or relative who can share a bad experience. 

A typical estimate consists of an hourly rate multiplied by an approximate number of hours. On moving day, whether due to poor estimating or untrained crews, the number of hours goes up, and so does the price. Stories abound of movers holding their customers' goods on the truck until payment is made - it is referred to as hostage-taking.


The first issue we had to deal with was the seasonality and spottiness in the moving industry. To do this we abandoned the Yellow Pages and pioneered telemarketing and direct mail. This provided us with the steady volume we needed to stay busy twelve months a year and to maintain regular staff. The last crew we engaged was nine years ago - some of our movers have been with us twenty years.

With well-trained, long-serving crews, damage rates are negligible, job times are predictable, and we can offer guarantees.


The second issue we had to deal with was to establish a system of measurements that would accurately determine the size of truck and number of crew needed to complete the work. For this we use a cube sheet - a table of your home's contents that lists everything from sofas to ride-on lawnmowers. Beside each item on the cube sheet, there is an assigned number of cubic feet on the truck. When we give you an estimate, we walk through your home with you, listing everything you plan to move on the cube sheet. A simple tally of the numbers will give us the total volume in cubic feet which tells us how big a truck is needed (or, when necessary, how big a warehouse storage space).

The next step is to multiply the cubic feet by 6.5 to give us the weight of your load in pounds. All your household goods - furniture, appliances, books clothing, everything - will average out to 6.5 lbs per cubic foot. 

And now here's the secret to the moving business: there is a single, simple, and universal rule in our industry, gleaned from decades of experience, that says 3 men can be expected to load and unload a thousand pounds an hour. All math in our business comes back to this. From here it gets simpler: if you know the volume (from a thorough and accurate cube sheet), you know the weight. If you know the weight, and the pace at which your crews work, it is easy to predict how long the move will take.

The Moverunner Guarantee

In our case, we back up every quote with a written, price-capped guarantee. We know of no other moving company in the GTA that offers a written guarantee. As far as we're concerned, an estimate without a guarantee is just an entry in an essay contest.

Thanks for reading our story - we hope we have demystified the moving business for you. 


For your free, in-home no obligation written estimate, call us today.


** If you need packing or storage, or if you're a senior, please read on. **

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Moverunner offers a full range of pre-move packing services. 

We can supply a crew and the necessary materials to pack as much or as little as you’d like – some customers have us pack their fragile crystal and china; others have us pack the entire house.  Clean, quick, and convenient – many of our customers swear by it.

Our experienced packers will wrap your goods in packing paper or plastic bubble wrap, and pack them into cardboard cartons which will be labeled by contents and location, and with any special notes (eg. Fragile, Glass, etc.).  On moving day, the boxes will be placed in the appropriate location at your new home.

Most packing can be done in the few days leading up to your move, leaving you free to carry on as usual with a minimum of disruption.  We also offer unpacking.  A crew would come in following your move to unpack your goods and take away the empty cartons and used packing materials.

Please contact us for prices or further details about our packing services.

timely and professional manner.



On moving day, you can expect a clean, well-equipped truck.  You can also expect a trained Moverunner crew, led by an experienced team leader, who take pride in their work an in being part of our company.

When they arrive they will:

  • introduce themselves

  • walk through the house with you to assess your requirements and plan the loading process

  • put down floor runners

  • plastic cover or shrink wrap your upholstered furniture and mattresses

  • pad wrap other pieces of furniture that require special handling

  • disassemble pieces of furniture they deem necessary for safe transport

  • place your large pictures, mirrors and pieces of glass in special cartons (we expect that you will have wrapped them or made other special arrangements with us to wrap them for you)

  • set up wardrobe cartons in front of your closets for you to place your hanging items in

  • remove the furniture and effects from your house in an orderly fashion

  • load your possessions on the truck safely and securely

  • proceed to the new residence

  • put down floor runners

  • unload your possessions into the rooms as per your directions

  • assemble furniture that they have disassembled at origin

  • unwrap upholstered furniture and mattresses

  • place loaded wardrobes in designated rooms for unpacking

  • remove wardrobes, picture cartons, plastic wrappings, and floor runners.


  • The moving crew is charged with the responsibility of completing your move in the least amount of time possible while demonstrating absolute concern for the well-being of your possessions.  In the end you will be the judge.  In fact, the crew’s performance appraisal depends on you.  Accountability is also part of a smart move.


  • Through it all, the staff of Moverunner will be there for you.  Please contact us with any further questions.



Moverunner can arrange short-term and long-term storage in a secure, climate controlled facility convenient for you.  Costs depend on the size of the load, and the length of time it will be stored.

Please contact us for further details.



Accidents happen.  In this business, we use human beings to move entire households through small doorways and pack them onto trucks that then negotiate various road, weather, and traffic conditions.  We do our best to minimize risk by using the best people and the right equipment, but once in a while, something happens.

Subject to the details of the transit protection coverage you select and agree to, the claims process is fairly simple.  Within 7 days of your move, you must notify us of the problem, and we will send you a simple form to help us get started in determining both the value of the damaged piece, and the appropriate next steps, usually an examination and estimate by a qualified repairperson or appraiser.  Then, when a determination is made, and a value is agreed to by both Moverunner and the customer, we authorize the repairs.

To register a claim, or for further information, please contact us.



We specialize in taking care of seniors, and offer a seniors' discount. Let us take care of all the details of your move. We're here to make things as easy and affordable for you as possible.

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